Position Summary

1. Review each sales processes including contract, PO(Purchase Order), supply projection, invoice, inventory, and other sales tasks and provide guidance to relevant sales team to make them comply with these processes.

  • Aggregate monthly performances of each year and month and analyze the gap between the actual and the target to share the results with the sales team and set their new targets.
  • Check the validity of the marketing budget and adjust the budget expenditure of each sales departments.
  • Improve the accuracy of supply projection and optimize the logistics process.

    Role and Responsibilities

    1. [Process review] Perform work processes such as contract, PO(Purchase order), supply projection, invoice, inventory, etc. and operate the system; if other issues that have not been defined arise, analyze the differences from the defined processes.

    2. [Process compliance check] Produce documents for explaining the work processes to the sales force and check for abnormalities in each sales activity.

    3. [Target setting and performance aggregation] Consolidate annual and monthly targets for sales indices of each sales team such as contracts, PO(Purchase order), supply projections, invoices and inventories, and calculate the gap between the actual and the goal.

    4. [Marketing expenses validity check] Analyze the requests for approval on sales promotion expenses and check their basic items.

    Skills and {Qualifications}

    • Learns to use professional concepts. Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues

    • Works on problems of limited scope. Follows standard practices and procedures

    Normally receives detailed instructions on all work

    • Typical entry point for university graduates

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